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Who am I?

My name is Alex, I am a 19 years-old man who has always been passionated about stand-up comedy ever since I was a kid. Although stand-up is my biggest passion, I love to listen to music either on the radio or on streaming platforms like Spotify.

Not so long ago, I wanted to create a website, but I did not know what I wanted to do. Then, I started thinking about things I liked and radio and stand-up comedy are the two things that came up in my mind. That is at this moment that I had the idea of creating a stand-up comedy radio station.

Step by step, I searched information to know how could I make this project possible and one thing led to another, the project came real! This station has been running for about two years now and can reach up to 500 listeners.

My greatest pride in all of that is that for about a year from now, I got a partnership with the Just For Laughs festival and the famous comedy club The Comedy store

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